Next up on the Foreclosure List: your Million Dollar Mansion. How to avoid losing your income with High Limit Disability Insurance Protection

You’ve worked hard to obtain every degree and certification available, and have established a high-paid career as a top-level physician, surgeon or lawyer. The money is rolling in and life is good. Then, you become disabled. You look at your disability insurance policy offered through your company and can’t believe your eyes. That’s all the policy pays?! How am I going to survive on this while I am out?

I bet you didn’t know there are solutions that can pay you up to $100,000, per month in disability protection, or even more, in some cases. Too bad your current benefits only cover groceries. Before you decide to move out of that multi-million dollar penthouse and start slumming it, find out about High Limit Disability Insurance Protection.

Disability Insurance Protection is necessary for you and your company, and is one of the “mandatory” lines of coverage you should consider. I guarantee you that you’d pay good money to insure your mansion or Ferrari, and these are material things. What about you? The reason you went to school half your life was so that you could bring in the big bucks. Without proper disability protection, you can watch all that money go down the drain.

Traditional Disability Insurance carriers will only allow a certain limit of disability insurance protection. This is fine for most employees, but what about the Doctors, Surgeons and Lawyers who make well above average salaries? The traditional limits aren’t going to help much. Maybe they’ll help pay some of your regular bills, but what about the rest? What if you are a business owner? Who is going to pay the employees’ salaries, rent and operating expenses? Maybe you have a ton of money and want to risk it (sounds logical, right?), but I’ll be the first to tell you that you’re making an enormous mistake.

Don’t have the coverage that your employees can get. Get the coverage you deserve and need. High Limit Disability Insurance Protection will pay you a monthly benefit if you are disabled for any reason. Yes, I know, you are super rich and can take care of things if you are out for a while. Don’t you remember how much the nice things in life cost? If you have a policy in place to pay almost all of these expenses, why would you spend your hard-earned money, instead of saving it and letting the insurance coverage take care of things if you are disabled?

A disability can happen in a number of ways: maybe the judge throws a gavel at you because you are having a bad day and yelling in the courtroom; perhaps you fall in a pool of blood in the operating room from a patient you are operating on; then there’s always the traditional car accidents or things like that. At any rate, a disability injury can happen when you least expect it.

Be like the big dogs and get the coverage you need and deserve. High Limit Disability will not only take care of your finances and your business while you are out of work, you’ll also have peace of mind that your hard-earned income is protected instead of exhausted during this difficult time.

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